For SEO in social networks, you need to use different urls, so that the account is not blocked for spam.

For this we will create 100 different links to our site, for example we will use

  • 1. Go to the section "Multiple links"
  • In the field "Your original URL" we enter the URL for which we will create links:

  • 2. In the field "Send results to e-mail in CSV format" we write our email.
  • By email we will receive * .csv file with a list of generated links and a unique hash for viewing your links in the "URL shorter list":

  • 3. Choose the required number of links 10, 50, 100

  • 4. Click on "Create links"

  • 5. We receive a message with a unique hash
  • "Send csv on email, your group Hash is:"

    Also, the file with the list of links and the hash will be sent to you on the mail.

  • 6. Go to the "URL shorter list" section and enter your hash to view the created links.